• I shall sponsor at least 3 people as my direct downlines.
  • I shall promote and grow my network by helping and teaching my downlines to sponsor their own minimum of 3 direct downlines.
  • Payment made for registration, upgrade, autoship and purchases of any other RAGP products is none refundable.
  • Recharge and get paid (RAGP) network marketing business is not an investment scheme, but an online/ offline network marketing
  • program aimed at empowering its members financially, emotionally, and all wise with Recharge cards/ airtime as its premier product.
  • The decision to Join RAGP network marketing program is entirely mine, and not that of my upline/ sponsor. He or she is therefore
  • absolved of any risk consequent upon this decision.
  • How much i make from the program is a direct result of my effort and diligence in following the rules of network marketing and
  • business best practices.
  • That income figures outlined in the compensation plan are not actual incomes, but numerical depictions of the possibilities the RAGP opportunity affords one.
  • I shall promote and represent RAGP ethically and within the legally acceptable parameters the country or state i find myself.
  • I have read and understood of RAGP and agree to it absolutely.