Ten (10) Steps To Success

Why : Ask yourself why you want to succeed and take advantage of how recharge and get paid can benefit you, your family and others around you.

Set Goals : Ask yourself, How do I want my physical, emotional and financial status to improve? Then start doing what it takes to get there. Learn what it takes to say I am a distributor of recharge and get paid.

Learn : Learn about recharge and get paid products and its Plan, don’t wait to be told by your upline.

Sell : sell recharge and get paid products and be the first user of the products.

Start building your team : Assemble an initial list of at least 100 names, and you will find out that 40 will be yours.

Be someone who cares about what you do : It will show when you speak with your network. You will be surprise at the difference it makes in your success. It will make your network cares as much as you do.

Work with people who like what you do : That may be club, a church, an association or a craft. Whatever it maybe, it is good when you have something other than MLM in income.

Duplication : It means teaching others to do as you have done to duplicate your success.

Do presentation at least twice a week to improve yourself and other members of your team.

Make new friends if your old friends are not interested in what you are doing now.