How it works

Recharge and get paid is a 3x10 forced matrix that allows you to earn a residual income even when you stop working. Just by introducing 3 people, you can earn to 10th level as shown below.

1st level 3
2nd level 9
3rd level 27
4th level 81
5th level 243
6th level 729
7th level 2187
8th level 6561
9th level 19683
10th level 59049.

As a distributor of recharge and get paid, you choose the package that you want ranging from basic member to platinum member.

Basic member ₦5000
Bronze member ₦10,000
Silver member ₦20,000
Gold member ₦30,000
Diamond member & ₦40,000
Platinum member ₦50,000

One can upgrade from a lower level (say Bronze, #10,000) to a higher level (for example, Diamond, N40,000. by paying the actual registration fee for the higher level (in this case Diamond = N40,000) and receive the product corresponding to that level.

Irrespective of the level you choose, the distributor earnings are calculated as follows:

1st level 20%
2nd level 10%
3rd level 5%
4th level 2.5%
5th level 1.25%
6th -10th level 1%

Basic member earns 5th level deep.

Bronze member earns 6th level deep.

Silver member earns 7th level deep.

Gold member earns 8th level deep.

Diamond member earns 9th level deep.

Platinum member earns 10th level deep.

Products to Collect: