Choose your preferred package, get a referral ID/link from the person that told you about RAGP, log on to the website, click on JOIN NOW and follow the process to complete your registration.

Log on to the website, provide your username and click on FORGOT PASSWORD. A password reset link will be sent to the email address you submitted during registration. Follow the link to reset your password and login back. Kindly contact the customer care service if you need further assistance on recovering your account.

You can fund your account by making a direct cash deposit/online transfer to any of our company account numbers using the phone number on your RAGP profile as name of depositor/narration/description/remarks Or pay directly into your designated providus account number in your back office.

Yes you can.

You can withdraw your funds from your e-wallet to any bank of your choice in Nigeria by clicking on withdraw fund.

If your account is still liened kindly exercise patient as all lien wallet are being treated manually. This process is slow but every account will be unliened on or before 28 February, 2022

Incentive/awards presentation will be done quarterly except for leadership bonus. All pending and new qualifiers for incentive will be paid at the first quarter of 2022. Date and venue will be communicated duly.

You qualify for incentive by generating the required PV (Point Value) for the award/incentive you are qualifying for

PV is point value. Point value is used to measure and reward every qualified member for team building. It is divided into two: monthly PV and cumulative PV. Monthly PV is used for leadership bonus while cumulative PV is for other incentives.

You get PV from registrations and upgrades (directly/indirectly)

Leadership bonus, international Trip, car and house funds.

Leadership bonus: 5,000PV gives you N25,000 while 10,000PV gives you N50,000 International Trip: 25,000PV gives you N500,000 Car funds: 60,000PV gives you N2m while 100,000PV gives you N3m House funds: 250,000PV gives you N4m while 500,000PV gives you N6m.

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