Distributors Agreement

Distributor is an independent contractor and is not authorized to do any business as an employee.

Recharge and get paid cannot be hold responsible for losses resulting from money collected from distributors that did not reach the office.

Orders are processed with the most current price at the time of processing.

Changes cannot be made once your order have been made and submitted.

Monthly purchases must be made before the last working day of the month.

One can cancel his or her membership by writing to the company.

A distributor must not have two accounts that bear the same name.

Once your application is accepted by recharge and get paid, the agreement is sealed no refund will be made.

Any distributor who wishes to resign or lease the business his or her downline remains with the original organization.

In the case of death or incapacitation of distributor, the next of kin or a successor can take over his or her business.

Recharge and get paid can change the prices of products any time without notice, and can make changes in the policy and procedures.

Every distributor has the right to choose his or her sponsor not minding who introduce him or her to the company first.

Income claims : No income claims, income projection may be made to prospective distributors. As one determine how much he or she makes.