Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get registered?

Make a one time payment of ₦5000-₦50,000, depending on your choice of membership. Login to the web portal and fill the form with your payment teller number. The administrator will approve your application upon confirmation of your payment and then you can begin to login to your member area to monitor your account.

What are the company’s products?

The company’s products is recharge card of all denomination.

How do i get paid?

Distributors get paid every Friday directly into one account.

Can one join online?

Yes. Everybody does his/her registration.

Can i register with a company’s name?

Yes. Provided the company has an account.

Can one transfer his/her business?

Yes. One can transfer his/her business provided the policy of the company is met.

Can one register more than once?


How many people do i have to introduce before i begin to earn?

Just one person but to have a balance leg you need minimum of 3.

Who is qualified to be a member?

Anybody who wants to change his/her life financially.

How do i monitor my business?

You have an office immediately you are registered so you can just log into your back office with your username and password.